Avatar Films | About Us
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Theatrical Releasing

Since our founding in 1999, Avatar Films has been a leading-edge distributor of arthouse and independent films to theaters and ancillary venues. Our seasoned staff works closely with producers and filmmakers to create a multi-media marketing campaign with expertise unmatched in the industry. This enables us to provide an in-depth plan that may encompass print and digital material as simple as a poster, or as elaborate as a theater-rocking trailer or a 30-second spot for VOD outlets. Our dedicated professionals are eager to work closely with you one-on-one to develop a comprehensive suite of electronic elements such as e-cards, banner ads and exciting electronic artwork.  As we, together, create an effective release plan and book your title into proven national outlets, we are always sensitive to advertising and distribution costs. Our local experience and knowledge can offer the lowest costs possible. In addition, Avatar’s years of experience handling box office tracking and billing guarantees that there will be no outstanding revenues uncollected.

Theatrical Booking

Because we place the clients’ needs foremost, we are proud of the reputation we have earned in the industry of successfully working with and within other producers’ and distributors’ organizations to meet what we truly consider a common goal. We have personally forged relationships with venues showing smaller, specialized theatrical releases, all the way up to complicated, nationwide day-and-date openings booked on hundreds of screens. Yet it is our core philosophy that every outlet – big or small – is handled with the same attention to detail and personal care. Some of the distributors who have availed themselves of Avatar’s expertise include Kino Lorber, Abramorama, Amplify Releasing, Palisades Pictures, WellGo USA and Starz Digital, among others.


We have generated our own trailers in-house since 1999, and have recently begun to offer this service to distributors and filmmakers as well. Our industry reputation speaks for itself. With over 15 years’ experience providing high-quality and effective trailers to theaters and theater programmers, we know what works to get the right people interested in your film, and filmagoers into movie theater seats or ready to click on that “order now” button on their television sets or computers.

Avatar: we work as hard as you do to make your film a success.