Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - I am a filmmaker with a project that I would like to send to Avatar Films for distribution.   How do I submit a film for consideration?

A - In order for us to consider viewing your film please first e-mail us a synopsis of your film, a cast list, production details (format, etc.), any awards it make have received, if it has been viewed in any festivals and any other relevant information that you feel would be in the distributor's interest. Please send this information to acquisitions@avatarfilms.com.   Once we have reviewed this material we will contact you if we feel that we can effectively distribute your film. At this time, we do not accept unsolicited material.

Q - Does Avatar Films handle projects in the pre-production, production, or post-production phase?

A - No, at this time, Avatar Films is strictly a distribution company and can only take on projects that are 100% completed.

Q - Are you currently hiring?

A - We are only bringing on unpaid interns at this time.   Avatar Films is presently seeking bright, ambitious interns interested in continuing our growth and success in film distribution. We rely on responsible interns to deal with important projects while learning about the film distribution business. Please send your resume to intern@avatarfilms.com and we will contact you if we would like to bring you in for an interview.   Please be patient for a response.

Q - I would like to see one of your films in a theater near me.   How do I request that a film be programmed at my local theater?

A - While we appreciate requests from individuals to play our films at local theaters, we find that going to the theater directly and requesting the film is a more successful way to bring a film to your local venue.   Theater managers and programmers are always interested in what their customers want to see and we have scheduled many of our films as a direct result of individuals personally requesting a film at their theater.   But feel free to email us at info@avatarfilms.com and we will do our best.

Q - I am interested in finding out the home video release date for a particular film.   How do I find out when it will be released?

A - Please send an email mentioning the film to homevideo@avatarfilms.com and we will email you when we have a home video street date for that project.

Q - I program films for a theater, school, institution, etc.   How do I contact someone at Avatar to make arrangements?   How much do you charge for screenings?

A - Please contact Jason Leaf at jason@avatarfilms.com with your contact information, film requested, and dates planned.   Fees are determined by the number of screenings planned, ticket price, number of seats at the venue, and the format (film or video) requested.

Q - Does Avatar Films release projects as a Service Deal?

A - In addition to handling all rights to films, Avatar Films also takes on projects on a Service Deal basis, acting as a consultant by planning the best way to release a film in theaters when the ancillary rights have already been negotiated. If your project already has a video company involved and they do not want to pursue a theatrical release, Avatar Films will take on the responsibility, make sure it is played in the best theaters and act as a consultant for all aspects of the theatrical release. This gives the filmmaker the ability to obtain the experience of a distributor's counsel and guidance.   Avatar Films can also create opportunities where filmmaker's talents are recognized and receive compensation by releasing films in non-theatrical arenas, such as colleges and museums. Using this type of outlet is best for films that wouldn't necessarily be able to be shown in mainstream entertainment theaters but is more suited for educational, institutional, and private environments.

Q - I belong to an institution and would like to purchase a film for educational use.   Do you make your films available for purchase to institutions?

A - VHS tapes and DVDs are available for institutional use by purchasing the film's Public Performance Rights. This gives the buyer the ability to show a film to a group of fifty people or less and the right to obtain it for their library. For more information contact Jason Leaf at jason@avatarfilms.com

Q - Do you require that a 35mm print be available for films that you release?

A - Avatar Films is making all efforts to release and obtain video projects to play in cities large and small across the country. Digital Releases are best for projects that originated in the video format for quality purposes. We are interested in handling these films and in the growing network of venues. If you are interested in sending us your video released film or in one our digital only release films then contact us at acquisitions@avatarfilms.com


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